Adseal Blue Shaping Tool: Adfast’s caulk finishing tool

If you need to perform seals but are concerned about shaping the sealant for a smooth and appealing finish, you will be happy to know that Adfast has a new tool to simplify this task.

The Adseal Blue Shaping Tool is the perfect caulk finishing tool for seamless, professionally-made caulking joints.

A 4 in 1 caulk applicator tool

The Adseal Blue Shaping Tool was created to better meet the needs of contractors and individuals who have different types of seals to make.

Each of the finishing tool’s 4 corners has a different shape and angle to help the user easily and quickly shape sealants in all kinds of applications. The 4 corners of the caulk applicator tool have the following angles:

Angle #1: 10mm (25/64”)

Angle #2: Oblique angle 14mm (35/64”)

Angle #3: 90 degrees

Angle #4: 16mm (5/8” or 40/64”)

Using the Adseal Blue Shaping Tool to shape seals

Once you have adequately cleaned and dried the surfaces on which the joint will be made, we recommend applying a strip of adhesive tape on each side of the future joint in order to obtain an even better finish.

You can then use a caulking gun to apply the appropriate sealant. Once the sealant is in place and ready to be shaped, it is time to use your Adseal Blue Shaping Tool.

Depending on the function of the seal and the desired appearance, select the corresponding tool corner and place it at the end of the seal you want to shape.

If your joint is at the meeting point of two perpendicular surfaces (the 90° angle connecting a bathtub to a tile wall, for example), make sure that both sides of the tool are in contact with both surfaces to give you more stability. Slowly move the tool at an angle to make it easier to slide on the surfaces.

If your joint is being used to seal two elements that are on the same surface (tiles of a shower wall, for example), choose the tool corner that gives you enough width to cover the space between the two elements that will be filled by the sealant. Then, move the tool gently by placing it at an angle that makes it easier to slide, making sure to follow a straight path.

All you have left to do is remove the tape to reveal your flawless caulking seal.

At Adfast, we work to make your life easier!

Now that you can make long-lasting and beautiful seals with your Adseal Blue Shaping Tool, use a sealant from the Adseal line for even more spectacular results. These Adfast sealing products available in hardware stores are the top choice of many construction professionals.