Industrial Sealing & Assembly Products for Manufacturers

At Adfast, we are more than a supplier, we are partners in your success

With products recognized by the manufacturing industry for decades and the expertise of our technical representatives, Adfast can help you achieve your production goals. We can help you choose the right product for your assemblies, as well as optimize your production lines.

Adfast: a wide range of products for the manufacturing industry

At Adfast, we offer several manufacturing industry products to make your job easier. In many parts of this industry, Adfast is recognized as a leader by major international companies. Our products are subject to rigorous testing (ASTM, CAN/ULC or UL), either by our technical department or by external laboratories. Adfast has state-of-the-art laboratory equipment to meet the growing demands of the manufacturing industry.

Whether it’s our AdSeal series caulking products, our Adbond series adhesives, our Adshield series liquid membranes, our low-expansion polyurethane insulating foams from the Adfoam product range, our Thermobond series hot melt adhesives, or our Polyurethane sealants from the Adthane product range, we have the technology that will help increase your productivity and product quality.

Eco-friendly products

Adfast is concerned about the environment and the health of its users, which is why we advocate products that are the least toxic and contain the lowest VOC levels possible, always in compliance with industry standards. Many of our products have UL/Ecologo certification (UL2761 and UL2762).

Our solutions for manufacturers

Doors and windows

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Construction material

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Prefabricated Houses

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Agricultural machinery and equipment

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A presence and processes that ensure a fast and efficient service

Adfast has offices and warehouses across North America that enable us to respond to your requests in a very short time. The production of our sealants, adhesives, membranes and insulating polyurethane foams is completely automated. This process ensures reliable product quality. The raw materials are on scales and then pumped directly into mixing vessels. Subsequently, automated packaging is carried out in the different formats required by our customers. Each production batch is kept in quarantine in order to perform the quality tests required for the release of the products.

Our commitment to companies in the manufacturing industry

Our mission is to provide environmentally friendly products and participate in sustainable development. We offer unparalleled technical support to our customers whom we consider as partners. At Adfast, the quality of our products is paramount. Our quality management system adopts an ISO 9001-certified process improvement approach. Our quality policy is to identify and exceed the expectations of our customers by providing them with the best assembly technologies and unmatched professional support. Thanks to the involvement of all our employees, our continuous improvement policy allows us to be a better supplier for our clients as well as a better employer.