How to use a caulking gun

Your home needs renovation. After some careful analysis, you realize that you’re going to need to use a caulking gun in some places, but woe is you! You have no idea how this tool works!

Have no fear. Everybody’s been here before. Starting today, you’re finally going to learn how to properly use a manual caulking gun for cartridge sealant.

Get ready to impress your neighbors with this flawless handling technique.

Before using your caulking gun

Step one is to insert your sealant cartridge into the caulking gun.

Take the gun in your hand and press the trigger on the back of the unit with your thumb and pull the plunger.

This will cause the plunger to retract and leave enough room to insert the cartridge.

Then take the cartridge and cut the opening with an exacto knife. Watch your fingers, it’s sharp!

Once this is done, take the detachable end of the cartridge and cut it as well, at an angle of about 45 degrees. The angle may not be necessary, but it will make the application easier.

Remember, the closer you cut from the tip to the base of the cartridge, the thicker the line of sealant will be. And the closer you cut it to the tip, the finer the line will be. Judge according to the type of work you have to do.

Finally, screw the detachable tip onto the cartridge, then insert the tube into the caulking gun.

When using your caulking gun

Almost there.

At this point, take the gun in your hand, then pump the handle of the device until the plunger rests on the base of the cartridge. This will hold the tube in place.

At this point, you should be ready to begin work.

Take the gun and apply pressure to the handles to release the sealant. You will see the product slowly rise up into the nozzle you have attached.

The more pressure you apply, the faster the sealant will come out. And the less pressure you apply, the slower it will come out.

To reduce the pressure or stop the sealant from coming out, simply press the release button on the back of the unit with your thumb and pull the plunger. That’s it.

Feel free to practice a little before starting work to determine the ideal pressure and speed of application to use.

Once you have finished the work, take a screw and insert it into the opening of the tip. This will prevent the sealant from drying out between now and the next time you use it. You can then simply remove it with your fingers or a screwdriver.

The world belongs to people who know how to handle a caulking gun

Now you know how to use a manual caulking gun for cartridge sealant. We hope you find this procedure helpful and you do a great job as a result.

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