Adfast: building materials supplier for the construction industry

At Adfast, we are more than a supplier, we are partners in your success

With a wide range of products recognized by the construction industry for several decades and the extensive expertise of our technical advisors, we can help you maximize your productivity. Allow us to guide you to our products that will help you execute your most diverse projects.

Our products for the construction industry

Take a few moments to discover which products can help carry out your projects.

Application by product

Below you will find a table of our main products for the construction industry.

Adseal LM 4600 seriesNeutral silicone for expansion joint
Adseal DWS 4580 seriesNeutral silicone for perimeter sealing
Adseal Structural 4940 seriesNeutral silicone for structural application such as curtain wall
Adseal DWSP 1940 seriesHybrid adhesive sealant that can be painted
Adseal KB 4800 seriesAnti-mold acetoxy silicone
Adseal 1090 seriesInterior acrylic latex sealant
Adseal Primer MK60095Primer for silicone sealant
Adseal Cleaner 6003Surface cleaner
Adseal BR-2600Flexible joint bottom
Adseal SB 20-XXXSetting blocks for sealed unit
Adshield Eco Membrane 1112Air and water-tight liquid flashing membrane
Adfoam 1875Low expansion polyurethane insulating foam -5 °C champagne color
Adfoam 1885-2Low expansion polyurethane insulating foam -5 °C blue color
Adfoam 1825Low expansion polyurethane insulating foam -25 °C champagne color
Adbond Extreme 5692Hybrid construction glue
Adbond EX 5690Polyurethane construction adhesive

Do you have other applications to suggest?

Products for commercial, institutional, industrial and residential construction

With high tech Adseal sealants and Adfoam insulation, Adfast can help you accomplish your most complex projects. Our team of technical representatives will be able to advise you from beginning to end of your projects. Adfast also offers a range of related products needed to successfully execute your projects such as setting blocks, soft backer rods, primer, cleaners and tools.

Our Adseal adhesive sealants

Our Adseal DWS 4580 series, Adseal LM 4600 series and Adseal Structural 4940 silicone sealants have been used by the construction industry for numerous years. Whether for curtain wall mounting or expansion and perimeter joint caulking, Adseal silicone sealants are tested to ASTM standards. If you need a sealant that can be painted, the Adseal DWSP 1940 series is an ideal hybrid sealant. All our sealants are available in cartridge or sausage.

Our Adshield membranes

Adfast offers the waterproof and airtight Adshield flashing membrane that protects the building envelope. It is a liquid membrane that can be applied by roller or trowel and is easy to use, which makes it possible to seal the building envelope when compared to roll membranes. They are applied continuously and have no overlapping joints.

Our Adbond adhesives

Our hybrid construction adhesive Adbond Extreme 5692 or our polyurethane construction adhesive Adbond EX 5690 are designed to bond a host of materials that are similar or with different compositions.

Our Adfoam insulating foam

Adfast also manufactures low-expansion polyurethane foams sold under the Adfoam brand for window and door insulation. Available in versions applicable up to -5 °C or -25 °C, they contribute to the energy efficiency of your buildings.

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