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Thermobond is a range of hot melt adhesives including EVA, APAO, as well as pressure-sensitive adhesives. Adhesion can be performed on wood, metals, cardboard and paper and even some plastics.

A full range of hot-melt adhesives for assembly

Thermobond is a full range of 100% solid hot-melt adhesives with ethyl vinyl acetate, polyolefin or synthetic rubber (pressure-sensitive) bases. Used in a wide variety of applications, these products are an excellent alternative when rapid temporary or permanent assembly is required. Certain products in this range offer very good resistance to low or high temperatures and are available in pellet or solid block form. We also offer two grades of ethyl vinyl acetate in 10-inch sticks that can be applied with a hot glue gun. Our experts can provide information for all types of equipment related to the application of hot-melt adhesives.

Hot melt adhesives



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