About us


Locally, profitably and responsibly providing a full range of adhesives, sealants, foams and insulation membranes for North American manufacturers.


  • Health and safety are our two most important priorities.
  • ​​​​​​Be respectful and positive, rather than a source of negativity for colleagues.
  • Use constructive criticism as an opportunity for improvement.
  • Aim to meet the expectations of our most demanding customers.
  • Our work ethic implies that every minute worked should be productive.
  • Eliminate waste (MUDA) and focus on value added activities.
  • We are committed to efficiency and continuous improvement.
  • ​​​​Each employee is responsible for achieving Adfast’s strategic plan.


In 1978, Claude Dandurand founded a company specializing in assembly solutions. His expertise at the time was mainly focused on mechanical fasteners and riveting tools. His association with David Van Wely, a Toronto entrepreneur, awakened him to the complementary nature of fasteners and adhesives. In 1989, a merger of the companies owned by Claude Dandurand and David Van Wely helped launch the concept of the Adfast Corporation. The Adfast name is derived from abbreviations of the English terms (ADhesive) and (FASTener).

Adfast has innovated with new products and places a great deal of importance on developing products that reduce health risks for its employees and users. At present, Adfast serves thousands of customers via 3 factories located in Saint-Laurent and 8 sales and distribution centers in North America. We can rapidly respond to all our client demands no matter how complex their project.