Why is it important to inspect and maintain silicone seals?

When used under normal weather conditions, silicone sealants have a life expectancy of more than 25 years. However, despite their strength, regular inspection and maintenance of the seals made with this type of product is recommended.

Find out why.

Some factors can accelerate the breakdown of sealant joints

Despite the many qualities of silicone sealants, some factors can affect their performance.

For example, if a seal is exposed to certain chemical contaminants or pollutants, it can deteriorate and lose its effectiveness.

Moreover, some animals such as birds or rodents can damage the sealants.

In addition, if the product has not been applied properly, it will likely not perform at its best and will tend to peel off.

Finally, if the building has undergone large movements, the joints can be subjected to high tension, which causes deformation that undermines their effectiveness.

Inspecting the seals will help you determine whether it has been subjected to these factors and whether they should be replaced.

Regular inspection of silicone seals prevents water ingress

Since the main role of sealing joints is to preserve structural integrity in the face of bad weather, all deficiencies that would make a building vulnerable to the elements must be identified as early as possible.

A damaged or loose joint could allow water to seep into the structure. From this point on, materials that come into contact with water and moisture can be contaminated by mold or even lose their strength.

When the joints are inspected on a regular basis, you can detect the slightest sign of degradation or premature aging and rebuild the silicone seal before it even allows water to penetrate. Moreover, repairing a deteriorated silicone seal is much less expensive than replacing materials damaged by water.

Watertight seals provide better energy efficiency

In addition to being waterproof, silicone sealants are also airtight. As a result, they are the ideal product for sealing a building’s doors and windows to increase its energy efficiency.

Sealing joints reduce heat loss due to cracks and provide considerable savings. However, if the joints are loosened or damaged, the building becomes air permeable and will be more expensive to heat or cool.

Inspecting the joints at least once a year and replacing any that show signs of failure will result in a warmer building in winter and a cooler one in summer.

Adfast Adseal silicone sealants: perfect for making long-lasting seals

In short, despite their reliability, silicone sealants warrant regular inspection and maintenance. A first inspection is recommended one year after the sealing work is done, followed by inspections every two years.

At Adfast, our Adseal sealants are designed to provide superior long-term performance. You will notice how resistant and easily maintained they are at each of your inspections! Contact us for more information about our products.