What is the best method of making caulk joints?

Caulk joints are generally used for filling holes and cracks to prevent air, water and insects from entering a building. Caulking is therefore usually done around windows, doors, pipes and plumbing.

Although applying sealant may seem like a simple task to perform, most people have never actually learned the right method to make strong and effective caulk joints.

If you follow these few simple steps, your caulking will look like it was done by a professional.

Prepare the surface to be caulked properly

Before making new caulk joints, you must properly prepare the surface that your sealant will be applied to.

Remove the old sealant if necessary

If you want to replace an existing joint, first remove the old sealant completely. To do this, you can use a grinding tool to remove any trace of contaminant.

Clean the surface with a solvent

For the surface to be clean and allow the sealant to adhere, it then needs to be wiped with a solvent. Use two cloths to do this. Moisten the first one with the solvent and rub to remove any dirt. Then, with the second dry and clean cloth, wipe before the solvent evaporates. To avoid surface contamination, caulk joints should be made within one hour of cleaning.

Apply the primer and insert the backer rod

The next step is to apply a primer that will maximize sealant adhesion and therefore the air tightness of the caulk joint. This should be done within an hour before the sealant is applied and requires about 20 minutes of drying time.

You can then proceed with the insertion of a backer rod 25% to 50% wider than the space you want to fill with the caulking joint. In some cases, a backer rod cannot be used. In these particular scenarios, a properly applied adhesive tape can be an effective strategy to avoid 3-point adhesion.

Apply the sealant and shape it

You can then apply the proper sealant with a caulking gun. Use a quality tool to apply an even amount of sealant.

For a visually appealing result, finish the job by shaping the caulk joint with an appropriate tool such as a wooden rod, as well as a prepared solution of 5% clear dishwashing soap and 95% water for a given volume. However, this solution should not be applied directly to the sealant since it could reduce its adhesion.

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