Why choose high quality sealing products for ventilation and air conditioning systems?

When it comes to installing a ventilation or air conditioning system, each procedure must be followed to the letter to ensure that it works properly. Some of these procedures require the application of sealants that seal different components of the system.

In this article, find out why it is important to choose high quality sealing products when installing an HVAC system.

Applying a higher quality sealant to an HVAC system saves energy

Air conditioning and ventilation systems provide considerable comfort for the occupants of a building, especially in hot weather. However, if only a fraction of the cool air produced makes it to its destination, much of the energy used is wasted and the operating costs of the system can skyrocket.

This is why each HVAC system duct must be completely airtight. This ensures that the cold air flowing through it is unlikely to be warmed by the higher room temperature. In addition, when all ventilation ducts are airtight, the air conditioning is pushed with more power and circulates better throughout the building.

In short, applying a high quality sealant to ensure the airtightness of ventilation ducts reduces energy losses while promoting optimal system operation.

Quality sealing products are more resistant to weather and extreme temperatures

Whether on commercial or residential buildings, some elements of ventilation and air conditioning systems are typically installed outdoors. This is particularly true for most heat pumps. Since this equipment is exposed to various weather conditions, it is important that the sealing product used during their manufacture and installation can withstand them. As a result, it is practically unthinkable to use a cheap sealant on exterior components of an HVAC system and expect it to remain effective over a long period of time.

In contrast, a good quality sealant will have excellent UV resistance and will not lose its flexibility despite prolonged exposure to the sun. In addition, when you choose a high-quality sealant, you can rest assured that it will remain waterproof even after multiple freezing and thawing periods. Finally, since some components of an air conditioner can literally freeze, it is better to rely on a high-end sealant that will retain its adhesion and flexibility even when exposed to very cold temperatures.

Adfast sealing products: a hallmark of high quality

In conclusion, energy savings and greater seal weather resistance are just a few examples of the advantages of choosing high quality sealants when installing an air conditioning and ventilation system. High-end sealants are also low in VOCs, adhere better to different materials, do not rust metals and can even slow down the growth of mold. In short, they are a smart investment.

Recognized by HVAC system installation professionals, Adfast’s high quality adhesives, membranes and sealants are particularly effective for this type of application.

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