How can sealants increase a heating system’s efficiency?

For many households, heating expenses during the winter season consume a large portion of the budget. During this period, the HVAC system is put to the test, consuming a great deal of energy in order to maintain a comfortable temperature in the house.

However, there are ways you can maximize the efficiency of a heating system, including smart use of sealants. Find out how it works.

Air leakage: the #1 enemy of heating systems

If you live in an old building, you are certainly familiar with drafts. They are all the more noticeable when winter arrives with its freezing temperatures. But remember that even if you can’t feel air leakage on your skin, it still has a noticeable effect on your heating system’s performance.

Air leaks, even the smallest ones, cause you to lose much of your warm air to the outside of the building. This waste of energy exerts more pressure on your HVAC system since it has to work overtime to get the job done.

Stop air leaks with sealants

Fortunately, stopping air leaks with sealing products is a relatively inexpensive and easy way to reduce your energy costs by 10 to 15% and optimize the central heating system’s performance.

Caulking air leaks with sealant prevents air from being transferred outside and allows your home to retain more of the heat produced by the heating system. It can also help to eliminate cold and unpleasant areas near walls and windows. However, the sealant must be applied correctly to get the maximum benefit from it.

Sealed ventilation pipes: a guarantee of better heating system efficiency

Although losing warm air to the outside of the building is the most expensive in terms of energy, it is worth noting that if the ventilation ducts that allow warm air to circulate are not airtight, the efficiency of the HVAC system will also be reduced. Air losses in the pipes and ducts will make it difficult for the system to propel hot air to the farthest parts of the heating system.

Using a suitable caulking material, you can seal the heating pipes to fully exploit the thrust power of your air exchanger. Moreover, you are less likely to lose hot air between walls and floors where the pipes run through.

Increase your heating system efficiency with Adfast sealants

Sealing products, especially sealants, are therefore highly effective in helping you get the most out of your heating system and save energy. Whether you want to stop air leaks that allow hot air to escape to the outside of the building or seal the pipes that carry the same hot air.

If you want to use quality sealants, don’t hesitate to choose Adfast products. Versatile, high performance and long-lasting, they will give your heating system a new lease on life. You can even contact an Adfast sealing expert to learn more about our products.