When should you use polyurethane or urethane glue?

Using an adhesive product designed for the application is important if you want to achieve strong bonding. Consequently, some glues will be more effective in different contexts while others will be almost unusable in some situations.

In this article, find out when to use a polyurethane or urethane adhesive.

When the same adhesive needs to be used to bond different types of substrates

Polyurethane and urethane glues are increasingly used in many industries because of their ability to firmly adhere to many permeable and impermeable materials. These adhesives can bond many types of substrates, including most types of wood, clean metals, masonry, stone, gypsum, fibreglass, ceramics, decorative mouldings, carpets, painted metals and some plastics.

This versatility limits the number of types of adhesives needed to complete a project, saving time and money.

When the adhesive needs to set quickly

Polyurethane and urethane adhesives provide fast curing and impressive initial adhesion. Even before the adhesive is completely cured, it has a strong enough adhesion that there is no need for clamps or other types of fixtures to ensure that the adhesive remains in place while curing.

This feature makes gluing processes, especially assembly, both easier and less expensive.

When the adhesive used needs good impact resistance

Polyurethane adhesives are also known to retain relative flexibility, which allows them to better absorb stress and dampen much of the vibration they can be subjected to.

These glues can therefore withstand impacts and are ideal for bonding electronic circuit components or parts to a vehicle.

When the adhesive needs to be paintable

Unlike many sealants and adhesives, polyurethane glues can be painted without impairing their performance. This is a major advantage in projects where aesthetics are particularly important.

You can assemble a product with a polyurethane adhesive and then paint it entirely.

When the adhesive needs to be effective inside and out

Few adhesives have the ability to withstand both winter conditions and the scorching summer heat waves. However, this is the case with polyurethane and urethane glues. These products can also be very resistant to elements such as water and various chemicals, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Adfast polyurethane adhesives offer unparalleled performance

If you are looking for an adhesive that meets one or more of the above requirements, you now understand why a polyurethane adhesive is most likely the right choice for your needs.

With this in mind, you should know that Adfast polyurethane glues are among the most effective on the market. Don’t hesitate to choose Adbond EX 5690 glue to ensure that you can produce weather and stress resistant glue on different substrates.