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Transportation Industry Adhesives

Whether for recreational vehicles, trailers, truck bodies, buses, trains, automobiles, boats, airplanes or specialized vehicles, Adfast offers several sealing, membrane and adhesive or polyurethane foam insulation technologies that meet the highest transportation standards. Adfast’s clients include world-class transportation vehicle manufacturing companies. Our products are recognized as the Adseal, Adshield, Adfoam and Adbond brands.

Our transportation industry products

Application by product

Below you will find a table of our main products for the transportation industry.

Products Applications
Adseal Production 4550 Series Medium vulcanizing neutral silicone for sealing
Adseal DWS Series 4580 Slow vulcanizing neutral silicone sealant
Adseal FC 4570 Series Rapid cure neutral silicone sealant
Adseal 4540SL Neutral silicone for roof sealing
Adseal 4550SL Neutral silicone for roof sealing
Adseal Series 4550SSL Neutral silicone for roof sealing
Adseal LM 4600 Series Neutral silicone sealant for large movement requirements
Adseal Series 461-00 Neutral silicone for difficult to adhere surfaces
Adseal Series 4638 Neutral silicone that meets ASTM C542 and E662 standards
Adseal Structural 4940HV Neutral silicone for aluminum sheet assembly on trailer structure
Adseal KB 4800 Sealant for indoor or outdoor use
Adseal DWSP Series 1940 Paintable hybrid adhesive sealant
Adfoam 1885-2BLK Black polyurethane foam insulation
Adbond 1500 1-component product for bonding structural components
Adbond 5850 or 5880 2-component product for bonding structural components

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A wide range of products for the transport manufacturing sector

Our Adseal sealants

The Adseal range includes products that are used to seal and assemble transport vehicles. Our neutral cure structural silicone Adseal 4940HV is used, among other things, to assemble aluminum sheets on the trailer structure. Our Adseal 4550, 4580, 4600 or 461-00 series sealants will help waterproof your vehicles. Our Adseal 4638 product used by the rail industry has been tested to ASTM C542 standards for flame spread and ASTM E662 for smoke development. Our self-leveling versions such as Adseal 4540SL, 4550SL or 4550SSL help seal trailer or recreational vehicle roofs. If you need products that can be painted, we also have hybrid sealants.

Adthane adhesive sealants

Adthane adhesive sealants can be used to seal or assemble truck bodies or any other transport vehicles. For bonding roofs on structures or to protect your vehicles against water infiltration, Adthane is the product you need. Moreover, it can also be painted.

Adbond adhesive products

The Adbond product range includes one- or two-component adhesives used to assemble various transport vehicle parts more or less quickly depending on the open time required. Whether for the assembly of structural parts or interior or exterior finishing elements, the Adbond range includes a variety of products to meet your needs. Our structural, water or solvent-based adhesives meet high quality standards. In addition, Adfast promotes the most advanced technologies in order to reduce risks for users and contribute to the reduction of harmful emissions into the environment.

Adfoam insulating foams

Adfoam 1885-2BLK is used as insulating foam and sealant for all ducts going through the floor of several types of vehicles. This product must be protected against UV rays.


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