Polyurethane-based adhesive sealants: ideal for the transport industry

The transportation industry is a manufacturing sector that involves the assembly of a wide variety of vehicles. Recreational vehicles, cars, trucks, trailers, trains, boats and planes are just a few examples.

When assembling these vehicles, several parts, panels and structural elements must be sealed together using strong adhesives that will retain their effectiveness over the long term.

Today, many transport vehicle manufacturers rely on polyurethane-based adhesive sealants to securely assemble and seal their products. Here’s why.

Polyurethane-based adhesive sealants stay flexible in all weather conditions

Most of the vehicles built are intended to be used in a variety of climatic conditions. Rain, snow and ice are just a few examples of the bad weather that vehicles must be able to withstand. Waterproofing is therefore essential to prevent water from getting inside and causing damage. This is why the different body parts are often assembled with adhesive sealant that forms a highly elastic joint.

However, in North America, the effectiveness of adhesive sealants for outdoor use can be compromised by extreme temperature variations. Indeed, many sealants available on the market lose their flexibility when the mercury drops below freezing. However, this is not the case for polyurethane-based adhesive sealants. These will retain their flexibility and elasticity regardless of the outside temperature, which guarantees the tightness of the joints.

A product that adheres to many materials

In the automotive industry, new materials are being developed to lighten vehicles and increase their impact and corrosion resistance. However, not all sealants will adhere to these materials.

The advantage of polyurethane-based adhesive sealants is their ability to adhere to a wide variety of substrates without primer. This makes it possible to seal aluminium, glass, lacquered metal and even some plastics.

Polyurethane-based adhesive sealants can be painted

Like many other sealants, polyurethane-based adhesive sealants are available in black, grey or white. However, these products are among the few sealants that can be painted without compromising their effectiveness. In fact, it is even recommended to paint them, since the paint layer applied will provide additional protection against the harmful effects of UV rays.

In an industry like the transport sector, it is important to be able to customize the appearance of the sealing joints, so that their color blends seamlessly with the look of the vehicle.

Adfast’s Adthane adhesive sealants, a name that resonates in the transport sector

Since all these features provide significant benefits for the vehicle transport and assembly industry, it is not surprising that a growing number of manufacturers are using polyurethane-based adhesive sealants.

In fact, many of them rely on Adfast’s range of Adthane adhesive sealants. Moreover, the Adthane range can also be used in a wide range of other sectors such as the food industry and construction. Contact Adfast to learn more about this versatile sealant.