Insulating foam that protects occupants

Multi-unit buildings require the use of fire-rated foam. Adfast, concerned about occupant protection, is proud to announce the release of its new Adfoam Fireblock foam. Able to delay the spread of flames for up to 4 hours, Adfoam Fireblock is the perfect foam to provide extra time to evacuate safely in a fire. Not only does Adfoam Fireblock protect against fire but it also protects against smoke and gases.

A less harmful product for the environment

Adfoam Fireblock contains only 2 g/L of V.O.C. (volatile organic compound) which significantly reduces the ecological footprint. All our insulating foams are also CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) free. Adfoam Fireblock offers a yield of 55 liters per can of 840 grams.

Where to apply Adfoam Fireblock?

Adfoam Fireblock can be applied around pipes, cables or other components passing through walls, floors or ceilings. Adfoam Fireblock also serves as thermal insulation for roofing or adhesive applications in some cases. Adfoam Fireblock can be used in window and door manufacturing, transportation, HVAC, building materials, prefabricated houses, machinery, agricultural machinery or any other market where a product offering resistance to fire is required.

On which materials can Adfoam Fireblock be applied?

Adfoam Fireblock adheres to a variety of materials including aluminum, steel, wood, some plastics and masonry products. If you want to be sure Adfoam Fireblock will adhere to the material you want to use, please contact your technical representative who can do an adhesion test for you.

Polyurethane foam protection

To avoid degradation, all polyurethane foams must be protected from ultraviolet rays. To do this Adfast offers a complete range of sealant. Sold under the Trademark Adseal, our sealants are available in silicone or hybrid versions. If you cannot apply sealant, it is recommended to apply a coat of paint on the foam insulation.

Which Adfoam product is right for you?

Adfast offers a complete range of insulating foam. With over 30 years of market experience, Adfast technical representatives will be able to advise you. Before starting your projects do not hesitate to contact us.