Silicone sealant: an essential product for any kitchen renovation!

True construction experts will tell you: no kitchen renovation is complete without the strategic application of silicone sealant!

This is because a good seal on new kitchen elements not only improves their performance, but also their life expectancy. In short, there are many advantages!

In this article, we take a look at some of the places where it pays to apply a premium silicone sealant.

Apply silicone sealant to new cabinets

After all the effort you’ve put into transforming your old kitchen into a modern and functional space, it would be a shame if minor details spoiled its finished look.

Cracks and gaps between cabinets and the walls where they are installed can have a real negative impact on the look of a kitchen renovation. Sealing these gaps with a silicone sealant will make walls and cabinets look dramatically more finished in no time at all!

Furthermore, properly sealing new cabinets will prevent moisture and liquids (water and food splashes are common in kitchens) from entering through the gaps, which can increase the longevity of the cabinets and make them easier to maintain.

Sealing the perimeter of a new kitchen sink

It is also important to seal the perimeter of any newly installed sink with a silicone sealant when renovating a kitchen. Not only will properly sealing the kitchen sink help keep it in place, but it will also prevent water from seeping in through cracks and causing damage to adjacent materials or items stored in the cabinets underneath the sink.

If water leaks through gaps around the edge of a sink, there is a risk of moisture build-up. Too much moisture can lead to the growth of mold and other bacteria. Treating these contaminants can be an expensive and frustrating process. Even worse, if the situation isn’t dealt with in time, you may have to make even more expensive repairs.

The junction between the countertop and the backsplash must be sealed during a kitchen renovation

Many kitchen renovations involve replacing countertops or backsplashes. In either of these situations, the work will not truly be completed until a silicone sealant is applied at the junction of these two elements.

Making a sealant joint between kitchen countertops and the backsplash can help prevent water or other liquids from seeping in behind the countertop and cabinets.

However, please note that silicone sealants cannot be painted. So make sure to choose a product that matches the colour of your newly renovated kitchen.

Adseal Sealants: the choice of kitchen renovators!

In conclusion, if you want an aesthetically pleasing result from your kitchen renovations, you will need to use a little silicone sealant. At the same time, you will also need to use sealant if you want your new kitchen to stand the test of time and everyday use. In short, you need a sealant you can count on for your kitchen renovation work, whether big or small.

At Adfast, our Adseal line has earned its place in the construction industry and is the #1 choice of many renovation contractors. Contact us to find out more about our premium quality sealants!