5 tips for insulating a window from the cold

For many homeowners, the arrival of winter and its cold temperatures means a dramatic increase in heating costs and uncomfortable rooms. If this sounds familiar, there is a good chance that your windows are poorly insulated.

In this article, our building insulation and sealing specialists present five tips for properly insulating your windows from the cold.

1 – Re-seal around your window frame

If your windows are letting the cold into your home, your first instinct should be to check the condition of the caulking joints, which ensure airtightness. If they seem damaged or are more than five years old, it’s probably time to redo the seals using a sealant specially designed for doors and windows.

This type of product is usually fairly easy to apply with a caulking gun. When it comes to shaping the joints around the perimeter, you can use accessories such as wooden sticks or a tool like the Adseal Blue Shaping Tool.

However, before sealing an exterior window, make sure you have removed all traces of the old sealant and that the area around it is clean and dry. This can be done with a sealant multi-tool.

2 – Apply polyurethane foam insulation around your windows

Over time, window frames can become less airtight. In addition, insulation materials can become less effective over time. You can optimize the insulation of your windows by applying polyurethane insulating foam around the edges.

This product expands upon application, making it ideal for filling any gaps around window frames that allow air to flow between the interior and exterior. Moreover, many aerosol insulating foams have a high R-value, which guarantees high insulation efficiency.

With a foam gun, you should have no trouble spraying the right amount of  door and window insulating foam with pinpoint accuracy.

3 – Install weather stripping at the bottom of your windows

Installing weatherstripping at the bottom of each window is the best way to limit the entry of cold air through your windows. Weatherstripping is also effective when installed at the bottom of doors. Weatherstripping is a small, rigid or flexible device that helps to seal and reduce heat loss.

If you have a little bit of DIY experience, you can easily adjust your weatherstripping to improve the insulation of your windows without interfering with their opening or closing.

4 – Equip your windows with a thermoplastic film

If condensation forms on your windows when it gets cold, the problem may be due to poor insulation. This problem should be addressed quickly, as moisture can cause your windows to age prematurely.

Installing thermoplastic film on your windows is an effective way to do this. Moreover, it is a very simple strategy to put in place. All you have to do is get a clear thermoplastic film that you apply to the entire window and secure with double-sided tape. Then you can stretch and seal the film by heating it slightly with a hair dryer.

5 – Dress your windows with thermal curtains

If you want to improve the insulation of your windows and you are tired of your old curtains, you can kill two birds with one stone. There are certain types of curtains, called thermal curtains, which increase the insulation of the window by reflecting the cold towards the outside.

You can find these insulating curtains in many styles and colors, giving your living spaces a new look while limiting the amount of cold air that gets in.

The only downside to this strategy is that thermal curtains have to be closed to be effective, which isn’t always ideal if you like to enjoy natural light.

Adfast window sealants and insulating foams are ideal for insulating your windows

In conclusion, there are several solutions that you can deploy to insulate a window from the cold. If you do it the right way, your home will certainly be more comfortable and you can even save on your energy bills.

If you decide to apply one of the first two solutions presented in this article, you should know that Adfast offers various products that will guarantee the success of your project. Some Adseal adhesive sealants and Adfoam insulating foams are specially formulated to provide unparalleled performance around windows and doors.

Contact us to learn more about these products and make sure you get the most out of them!