Different possible applications of hot glues

Hotmelt adhesives, commonly referred to as hot glues, are essentially thermoplastic polymers that melt at high temperature and then return to their solid form during cooling, creating very strong bonds.

The greatest strength of this type of adhesive is its versatility. The base polymer used in the production of the product can be modified to customize its properties and glue a wide variety of materials in dozens of industrial and domestic applications.

Here are some of the possible applications of hot glues.

Hot glues in the construction sector

Hot glues are used in many different ways in the construction, building and manufacturing sectors.

Installation of various floor coverings

Hot glues are particularly useful for bonding different types of floor coverings and carpets. When installing floors, the use of hot melt adhesive improves the look of the floor compared to nails and staples.

Special adhesives are also available to securely fix different tile materials, such as stone and glass. Since hot melt adhesive can harden quickly, it can be especially useful when installing ceramic tiles on vertical surfaces.

Hot glues in the product packaging sector

Since they are suitable for both hot and cold climates and can withstand extreme weather conditions, hot adhesives are used for different purposes in the packaging sector. This ensures that the containers will remain properly sealed, regardless of the conditions they are subjected to during transport.

Food packaging

Most hot glues are made without volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can have an unpleasant odour and compromise food quality. This is one of the reasons why hot melt adhesives are so popular in food packaging applications. There are even adhesive products specially designed to be used to glue cardboard packaging intended for freezer storage.

Sticking labels on different products

Bulk hot melt adhesive is used to securely apply various labels to different types of plastics, paper and cardboard. The flexible nature of this type of adhesive makes it ideal for round or unevenly shaped packaging.

Dozens of other possible hot glue applications

Of course, these are only some of the possible applications of hot glue and are only a glimpse of the many ways to use this versatile adhesive. In addition, since most hot melt adhesives can be supplied in pellets, solid blocks or sticks, you can choose the most appropriate size for your application.

At Adfast, we make sure that our Thermobond hot glues are as effective as possible, no matter how you use them. Contact one of our experts to learn more about these professional quality adhesive products and the methods you can use to apply them easily.