Adseal 4580 Series: an ideal silicone sealant for door and window manufacturing

Door and window manufacturing require the use of various materials, strong adhesives and effective insulation to create products that will provide a waterproof barrier against the weather. However, without the application of sealant joints on the doors and windows produced, this objective is virtually impossible to achieve.

In this article, find out why Adseal 4580 Series silicone sealant is ideal for manufacturing doors and windows.

Adseal 4580 Series Sealant adheres well to door and window construction materials

One of the most important factors when choosing a sealant is its ability to adhere effectively. This feature influences both the ease of application and the effectiveness of the expansion, contour and sealing joints made with the sealant. Depending on the materials they come into contact with, the sealants will provide varying levels of adhesion.

Adseal DWS 4580 Series Sealant adheres to glass, most types of wood, clean metals, silicone resins, glass fiber, vulcanized silicone, synthetic and natural fibers and many types of plastics. In short, it adheres perfectly to the materials used in the door and window manufacturing sector and can form an effective barrier against air, water and dust between various combinations of substrates.

In addition, this sealant in the Adseal line is non-corrosive, making it perfectly suited for use on metals.

Adseal 4580 Series Sealant can be used outdoors as well as indoors

Naturally, indoor conditions are much less likely to shorten the life expectancy of a caulk joint than conditions on the other side of a window. Prolonged exposure to UV rays and temperature and relative humidity variations can affect a sealant by making it lose its flexibility.

Since windows are subject to both exterior and interior conditions, they must be sealed with a sealant that is equally effective in both environments. The Adseal DWS 4580 Series Sealant perfectly satisfies this requirement.

When applied correctly, it vulcanizes into a durable and elastic silicone rubber that does not crack, disintegrate, lose volume or change consistency, even when exposed to external conditions. It is therefore an obvious choice for manufacturing doors and windows.

Adseal 4580 Series meets many standards

Adseal 4580 Series products allow companies that manufacture doors and windows to rely on a product that meets several Canadian and American standards (ASTM C920, S, NS, class 50, NT, M, G A, O usage).

For door and window manufacturers, offering products that meet the efficiency and standardization standards set by various organizations is an excellent selling point.

Adseal 4580 Series Sealant is low in VOC

VOCs are volatile organic compounds. These compounds have the particularity of evaporating or sublimating easily from their solid or liquid form. Sealants that contain a high proportion of VOCs will tend to emit unpleasant odours when vulcanized.

Because they contain only a very small amount of VOCs, Adfast 4580 Series Sealants can be used on an assembly line and in confined spaces, without fear that workers will be bothered by unpleasant odours.

Get Adseal 4580 Series Sealant in the format of your choice!

Whether in 304 ml cartridges, 600 ml sausages or even in pails or drums, Adseal 4580 Series Sealant is always the perfect choice for well-sealed doors and windows. You can easily find the format that suits your needs in a wide range of colors.

For more information about Adseal 4580 Series Sealant or other products in Adfast’s Adseal line, please contact us!