Insulating foam adapted to the reality of the construction industry

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In recent years, construction industry activity has been spread over a period of 12 months. It is therefore necessary to insulate the perimeters of doors and windows, even in winter. Adfast manufactures an insulating foam adapted to this reality. Adfoam 1825 is applicable down to -25 ° C. Even at this temperature you will not see any loss of pressure during application, avoiding wasting of time and money. All our insulation foams from the Adfoam range are renowned for keeping constant pressure from start to finish.

Protection against flame spread and smoke development

Adfoam 1825 Insulation Foam has been tested to Canadian CAN / ULC S102 with a flame spread index of 30 and smoke development index of 50. Adfoam 1825 is also tested to US ASTM E84 with a flame spread index of 15 and smoke development index of 35. These standards contribute to the safety of occupants of buildings.

Where to apply Adfoam 1825?

Adfoam 1825 is suitable for construction applications such as the installation of doors and windows or any other cracks requiring insulation. Adfoam 1825 can also be used in the window and door manufacturing, transportation, HVAC, building materials, prefabricated houses, machinery, agricultural machinery or any other market.

On which materials can Adfoam 1825 be applied?

Adfoam 1825 adheres to a multitude of materials including aluminum, steel, wood, some plastics and masonry products. If you want to be sure Adfoam Fireblock will adhere to the material you want to use, please contact your technical representative who can do an adhesion test for you. 

Polyurethane foam protection

To avoid degradation, all polyurethane foams must be protected from ultraviolet rays. To do this Adfast offers a complete range of sealant. Sold under the Trademark Adseal, our sealants are available in silicone or hybrid versions. If you cannot apply sealant, it is recommended to apply a coat of paint on the foam insulation.

Which Adfoam product is right for you?

Adfast offers a complete range of insulating foam. With over 30 years of market experience, Adfast technical representatives will be able to advise you. Before starting your projects do not hesitate to contact us.