10 Uses of Adhesives in Manufacturing

Considering the many different types of adhesive, it is no surprise that adhesives are used by most manufacturers in a wide variety of industries.

Here are 10 uses of adhesives in manufacturing, separated by industry.

1. Door and window assembly

Adhesives are used in door and window manufacturing. Whether doors and windows are made of wood, PVC, fiberglass or hybrid aluminum, different adhesives can be designed to bond to specific surfaces. For example, our Adbond 8388-1 adhesive is perfect for laminate or wood surfaces.

2. Uses of adhesives in the transportation industry

The transportation industry uses adhesives in the manufacturing of parts for cars, airplanes and trains and in vehicle assembly.

For example, adhesives are used for car safety due to their impact-absorbing properties. In other words, they act as a buffer. They also result in a much better appearance.

3. HVAC manufacturing

Adhesives are also used in the HVAC industry, whether it be for internal or external components.

Specifically, industrial adhesives are used in this industry to bond structural components and insulation, which increases the energy efficiency of the manufactured systems.

4. Construction material assembly

Adhesives have been used for construction material manufacturing for many years. The construction material industry uses a variety of adhesives, from solid to hot melt adhesives.

The wide variety of products used is explained by the fact that this industry works with many different materials and specific parts. Different adhesives can be used for hybrid constructions, polyurethane construction, insulation panels and more.

5. Prefabricated houses

There are many uses of adhesives in the prefabricated house industry. Similar to the construction industry, the various components involved require different types of adhesives.

For example, adhesives can be used for sub-flooring, bathrooms, moldings, kitchen equipment and more. It is also crucial for manufacturers in this industry to have long-lasting and durable adhesives, no matter which component they are being used for.

6. Packaging

Different adhesives can be specifically designed for cardboard, plastic or wood. This feature is especially useful in the packaging industry.

The packaging industry often uses EVA hot melt adhesives since these are designed to adhere to various coatings. They are therefore ideal for assembly, labelling, paper processing and more.

7. Agricultural machinery and equipment

Adhesives are used in the manufacturing of  agricultural equipment and machinery including silos, spreading equipment and more. One of the priorities in this industry is bonding structural parts, so manufacturers need adhesives that are strong enough to hold these heavy parts together.

Adhesives are also used to fasten screws, bolts, nuts and studs and prevent them from loosening. This is a cost-effective solution to make the equipment much sturdier.

8. Security tapes

As you may have guessed, tamper evident tapes have to meet the strictest specialized packaging safety requirements. This industry requires strong adhesives that would leave evidence of tampering, so hot melt adhesives are often used for their strong adhesion.

9. Energy industry

The main use of adhesives in the energy industry is for bonding structural parts. This manufacturing industry has grown significantly in the last few years due to new technologies being developed to reduce the ecological footprint. The adhesives used in this industry must therefore have the same mission in mind and be less toxic for users and the environment.

Specifically, adhesives have proven to be useful in the wind power industry. These have facilitated and optimized most of the assembly requirements, especially since the adhesives used cure fairly quickly at room temperature.

10. Woodworking industry

The woodworking industry is perhaps one of the largest in this list. From kitchen and bathroom cabinets to commercial and residential furniture, adhesives are used in almost every item. There are therefore many adhesives that can be used based on the specific need.

For example, the Adbond 3409 is a contact adhesive ideal for laminate and wood veneer. It has a very strong adhesive strength, so it can be used for sandwich panels and commercial or residential furniture.

Adfast: your partner for adhesives in manufacturing

In short, almost every manufacturing industry uses adhesives. The best product for each application will depend on various factors, including the materials being used, weight of the items, exposure to moisture, and more.

Contact us if you have any questions or if you need help choosing the best adhesive for your project or industry.