Why use a specific sealant to seal gutters?

Are your gutters leaking and you want to restore their waterproofing by applying a sealant? That’s a great idea, as long as you choose a formulation suitable for this application.

This article shows you precisely why it is preferable to use a sealing product specially developed for sealing gutters if you want to maximize their long-term effectiveness and avoid many worries.

A sealant specially designed for gutters will be easier to apply

Applying a sealant to your gutters is a process that can be at the very least “acrobatic”. This is why most waterproofing products designed to be used on gutters have properties that make their application easier and faster.

The first is good adhesion, even without primer, to a wide variety of materials such as plastic or aluminum. Next, since the gutters are exposed to the elements, the sealant must also be applicable in a variety of weather conditions. Moreover, the products specially designed for gutters offer rapid vulcanization, regardless of the temperature and excellent initial setting even in the presence of moisture or water on the surface.

Gutter sealants are made to resist bad weather

Gutters are constantly exposed to the elements. Regardless of the weather, they still need to remain waterproof so that rainwater or snowmelt can be directed to the desired location.

Unfortunately, if you use a conventional product to seal your gutters, it may break down over time. Since some of them contain solvents that evaporate when exposed to UV rays, standard sealants may not be effective for long. The formulations used to manufacture sealants for outdoor applications do not contain solvents, which increases their life expectancy.  This keeps them in good condition and strong enough to resist abrasion from debris and ice in colder climates.

Finally, unlike standard sealants, gutter sealants will also retain their flexibility regardless of the temperature (-40°C to 100°C). As a result, they guarantee maximum waterproofing in all conditions, even in harsh climates.

Gutter sealants retain their effectiveness for many years to come

The best gutter sealants will not harden over time and will remain flexible enough to move with the expansion and contraction of the gutter due to constant variations in outside temperature.

The formulations intended for use on gutters are also non-corrosive. They therefore do not cause rust on the metal parts that the sealant is in contact with.

Choose Adfast sealants for leak-proof gutters

In light of this information, you certainly have a better understanding of why it is preferable to use a sealant specially designed for gutters to make them leak-proof.

Some of the sealants in Adfast’s Adseal range are particularly effective for this type of application. Adseal GT 1600 is a hybrid gutter sealant that contains no solvents, is V.O.C. free and is guaranteed to be shrinkage and crack-free.

For more information about Adfast products, do not hesitate to contact our team!