Why choose sealants and adhesives with low VOCs?

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are gaseous substances found in the atmosphere. These compounds, which are often contained in building materials such as adhesives and caulking products, can be quite dangerous if their concentration is very high.

In this article, find out why you should choose low-VOC adhesives and sealants for your construction and renovation projects.

Exposure to VOCs can cause a number of health problems

One of the main reasons why it is strongly recommended to avoid adhesives and sealants containing VOCs is the many health risks they present.

For example, formaldehyde and benzene, two types of VOCs frequently found in construction materials, are particularly harmful to human health.

Health effects of short-term exposure to VOCs

If a person is exposed to a high concentration of VOCs in the air, they may experience breathing difficulties, eye, nose or throat irritation, or even headaches. Individuals with pre-existing respiratory problems, such as asthma, may be more sensitive to these volatile compounds.

More severe effects of long-term exposure

The effects of long-term exposure to VOCs can be more devastating. In fact, there is a known link between exposure of industrial workers to high levels of benzene and formaldehyde and increased cancer rates.

Choosing VOC-free adhesives and sealants will ensure that you and your workers are not exposed to potential health problems.

VOCs are bad for the environment

VOCs are responsible for numerous problems of pollution and global warming. VOCs evaporate on a near-constant basis, both when actively used and when stored.

This evaporation contributes to the formation of ground-level ozone, a colourless gas that is extremely irritating and aggressive to living things. In addition to the health problems mentioned above, ground-level ozone also has a strong negative impact on plants, biodiversity and ecosystems.

In addition, VOCs are one of the causes of acid rain, which is responsible for damaging lakes, rivers, forests, soils, fish and wildlife populations and buildings.

Consequently, switching to low-VOC adhesives and sealants will limit the spread of these compounds in the air.

Choose Adfast for safe assembly and sealing products

In conclusion, it is important to choose sealants and adhesives with low VOCs, since they are extremely harmful both to human health and to the environment.

At Adfast, we understand how important it is for companies in the manufacturing and construction sectors to provide a safe work environment for their employees. Visit our website to learn more about our low-VOC product lines.