What are the benefits of silicone adhesives?

With the wide selection of industrial adhesives available on the market, choosing one that will best suit your needs can sometimes be difficult. Silicone adhesives tend to be a popular choice for many. What are the benefits of these adhesives?

Silicone adhesives stick to a wide range of surfaces and materials

First and foremost, silicone adhesives and sealants are very practical, since they have properties that allow them to adhere to a variety of surfaces and materials. They have good adhesion to substrates such as glass, metals, wood, masonry, rubber and various plastics. This means that they can be used for a variety of tasks, such as caulking, filling joints and of course… bonding materials.

Silicone adhesives are popular for their resistance to various conditions

Silicone adhesives are frequently recommended for their excellent resistance to various climatic conditions, which means that they remain highly effective for years, even when used outdoors.

Silicone is UV resistant

These adhesives are known to have a very good resistance to UV rays. UV rays can cause extensive damage to other types of materials. With overexposure, less resistant adhesives can crack, disintegrate or lose their effectiveness. You will never encounter this problem when choosing a silicone adhesive.

The adhesive can be used at any temperature.

Silicone adhesives can also withstand extreme temperatures. These adhesives will not be affected whether they are exposed to extreme cold or Saharan heat. This is why adhesives containing silicone are often used to assemble doors and windows that need to withstand the harsh winter weather or computer parts that could become hot.

This property also means that this type of glue can be applied at severe temperatures. Some are designed for easy application in cold weather, which is ideal if you need to urgently seal a surface during the winter.

These adhesives have unmatched sealing properties

These adhesives also have excellent moisture tolerance. They do not allow mold to grow. They are therefore very frequently used to glue elements in high humidity environments, especially in bathrooms.

Versatility: a major benefit of silicone adhesives

Thanks to their outstanding properties, silicone adhesives are extremely versatile and have become indispensable to a wide range of industries. These adhesives are not only used in construction and architecture, but also in many manufacturing sectors, such as woodworking, prefabricated home building, transportation and agricultural equipment and machinery, to name a few.

They are also ideal for residential projects. With an impressive variety of uses, you can certainly find a silicone adhesive that fits your needs.

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In conclusion, the excellent properties of silicone adhesives, including adhesion to several surfaces, resistance to all kinds of conditions and their use in a variety of applications, make them an outstanding product.

Moreover, Adfast silicone adhesives are some of the highest performance adhesives on the market. Choose from the Adseal range to rest assured you can make long-lasting adhesives on a wide variety of substrates. Contact our team to find out more about our products.