What are the benefits of moisture-curing sealants?

Moisture-curing sealants are waterproofing products with special properties. Among other things, these unique characteristics are derived from their manufacturing process involving vulcanization.

In essence, vulcanization is intended to increase a product’s elasticity by incorporating a vulcanizing agent that will promote the formation of chemical bonds within the product. This technique is used to manufacture many items and products used in various industries.

Discover some of the benefits of moisture-curing sealants, i.e. sealants obtained through vulcanization.

Moisture-curing sealants are resistant to UV rays

Sealants perform much better when they have a good resistance to the sun’s UV rays, especially when used outdoors. Silicones, which are part of moisture-curing sealants, have an excellent ability to resist these rays due to their inorganic composition.

This property allows them to retain their volume, flexibility and elasticity much longer than other types of sealants. This makes silicones an excellent choice for caulking doors and windows or sealing any gaps outside the home.

Some moisture-curing sealants can be applied in cold weather

People often realize that their homes have insulation or waterproofing problems when cold weather arrives.  Naturally, applying a sealant to cracks or exterior openings that allow cold air to enter is a good way to fix the problem, but it is still necessary to make sure the sealant can be applied in cold weather.

No worries! Moisture-curing sealants can be used even when the temperature is well below freezing. Some silicone formulations can even be easily applied at -40°C.

Moisture-curing sealants such as silicone retain their color better

Some construction projects have a unique aesthetic, which can be enhanced by touches of color. However, when external materials such as sealant are subjected to the elements, they are likely to fade.

Another benefit of moisture-curing silicone sealants is that their color is less likely to fade. Their fast drying time means that they remain sticky for a shorter period of time, limiting the amount of dust and debris that could stick to them and change their color. This feature is particularly popular on construction sites, where a lot of dust is often found.

Adfast manufactures many vulcanized sealants

Given the above-mentioned benefits, it is no wonder that moisture-curing sealants, particularly silicones, are the first choice of many industry sectors when it comes to using sealing products.

If you are looking for a sealant that will resist UV rays, can be applied in cold weather and will retain its color longer, have a look at the Adseal product line from Adfast. The various formulas offered all have features that can make your life easier by meeting your specific needs.

If you have any questions about Adfast products, don’t hesitate to contact our team!