Conference lunch & learn 2019 upcoming dates

Adfast is pleased to offer lunch & learn conferences on the importance of caulking products.

Two upcoming lunch and learn conference options are available. First option is for our team to visit your workplace and offer a presentation followed by a question period for you and your colleagues. We are happy to provide lunch for all participants. We could also arrange for you to visit our offices for this package and benefit from a visit of our production facility!

Secondly, you can attend our presentations in the form of seminars given by ATS (America Training Solutions). These training seminars last a full day and include an hour of presentation with an Adfast representative. The rest of the day is shared training in one hour blocks covering other topics.

Here is the 2019 schedule of seminars given by ATS. Please note that you are entitled to a 50% discount on the entry price by indicating the word Adfast when registering.

Upcoming events

Date City
February 28th Nashville, TN
April 2nd Kansas City, MO
April 9th Calgary, AB
April 11th Vancouver, BC
April 23rd Long Island, NY
May 7th Hartford, CT
May 8th Newark, NJ
May 9th New York, NY
June 4th Toronto, ON
September 5th Detroit, MI
September 17th Montreal, QC
September 19th Quebec, QC
November 6th Ottawa, ON