Adfast polyurethane foams are ideal for limiting flame spread in the event of a fire

When it comes to insulating foams, their primary function is naturally to provide a building with good waterproofing and thermal and acoustic insulation. As such, they are applied around doors and windows, as well as in areas where pipes or cables enter a building, sealing the openings almost instantly.

However, some polyurethane foams also have the ability to limit flame spread in the event of a fire. This applies to certain foams in the Adfast Adfoam range.

Polyurethane foam: a high-performance insulating product that is easy to apply

Polyurethane foam has unmatched benefits when it comes to insulation materials, in part because of its very low thermal conductivity, resistance to abrasion, light weight and energy efficiency.

Moreover, it is very easy to apply and some varieties such as Adfoam 1850 foam can also be used as an adhesive for bonding thermal insulation panels and drywall for buildings. In fact, the latter allows efficient, clean, cost-effective and long-lasting bonding.

However, while polyurethane foam is one of the most promising insulation materials, some of them have a reputation for easily igniting and spreading flames in a building that catches fire.

Flame retardant additives

In order to ensure that buildings insulated with polyurethane foam aren’t overly vulnerable in the event of a fire, however, ingredients can be added to the foam recipe. The most common technique for enhancing the fire resistance of polyurethane foams is to blend flame retardants in the foam matrix.

This is how Adfast developed its Adfoam Fireblock 1860 product, a polyurethane foam with a fire resistance of up to 235 minutes, or nearly 4 hours. In fact, this unique recipe requires a much higher amount of heat and flame to start the combustion process. It therefore reduces the spread of flames and the production of heat during a fire.

In addition, since this foam also has excellent insulating properties, it acts as an effective seal against smoke and gas, two elements that have a major role to play in the spread of a fire.

Increase a building’s fire resistance with Adfast Adfoam polyurethane foams

In conclusion, if you want to reap all the benefits of polyurethane foams, you can depend on the products in the Adfast Adfoam range. If you also intend to make your building more fire-resistant, you can opt for the special Adfoam Fireblock 1860 formula.

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