Adfast is opening its doors to the Les Affaires

On September 23rd, Adfast is opening its doors to the Les Affaires newspaper, for the 4th annual 4.0 Factory conference.

We are hosting several guests for a visit of our 3 production plants as well as a presentation on how Adfast utilizes digitalisation to increase its productivity, efficacy, and competitiveness.

Our visitors will see, concretely, how Industry 4.0 materializes itself in the manufacturing sector.

The 4.0 revolution is in full force!
We will present the different tools Adfast uses to make intelligent decisions, quickly, based on real-time data.We hope to encourage other small & medium sized businesses to undertake a digital transformation, as well as inspire them with methods to better adress their business needs.

As a speaker & host during the 4.0 Factory conference, our contacts benefit from a 30% rebate on admission, using promo code SPK

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