Launch of our new color match tool

Launch of our Adseal Sealant color tool

ADFAST is proud to launch it’s newest feature on our web page: The color match tool for major building sidings brands (Maibec, Nichiha, Vicwest and many more) with our sealant products.

A full range of colors

With over 140 colors available in the Adseal DWS 4580 Series and Adseal LM 4600 series and more than 40 colors in the Adseal DWSP 1940 series, Adfast can meet all your color matching needs for all types of construction sidings, windows and doors.

Adseal DWS 4580 series

The Adseal DWS 4580 series has been developed for curtain wall, window, door and siding perimeter joints. Furthermore, it can also be used in the manufacture of doors and windows, transport vehicles, ventilation / heating / air conditioning (HVAC) cabinets as well as in a host of other industrial applications. Adseal DWS 4580 series offers an elongation at break of over 1000% as well as a high tensile strength. It offers excellent resistance to ultraviolet rays.

Adseal LM 4600 series

The Adseal LM 4600 series is specially formulated for masonry expansion joints or other applications requiring large movements. It can be used for both construction and industrial applications. It provides elongation at break of more than 1500% as well as movement capability (ASTM C719) of 100% elongation and 50% compression. In addition, it offers exceptional adhesion to masonry products without the use of a primer in some cases. It also adheres to several other materials. Adseal LM 4600 series also offers an excellent resistance to ultraviolet rays.

Adseal DWSP 1940 series

Adseal DWSP 1940 series paintable caulking is specially formulated for siding such as wood or composite. It also provides excellent ultraviolet resistance and flexibility. It is designed for construction and industrial applications. Adseal DWSP 1940 series contains no isocyanates and is an excellent alternative to polyurethane sealant.


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