Adhesive products: how do they improve a building’s energy efficiency?

To build an energy-efficient home, you need to reduce air flow between the home’s exterior and interior. Therefore, applying an adhesive product is a good way to improve a building’s energy efficiency. In addition to being long-lasting and creating a healthier environment, these adhesives provide a quick return on investment.

Here’s how to take advantage of adhesive products to build a more energy-efficient home.

Energy losses caused by air leaks that enter your building

To improve your building‘s energy efficiency, you have to eliminate air leakage. This occurs when air from inside your building leaks out uncontrollably through cracks and openings. In addition to creating moisture problems, air leaks contribute to increasing your electricity bill. In summer, they force you to cool more and, in winter, they make you heat more to compensate for the air losses they cause.

Inspect your building to determine where adhesive products should be applied

If you want to detect air leaks and improve your building’s energy efficiency, you need to inspect some critical areas. To detect them, inspect the edges of doors and windows. Pay particular attention to attic hatches, wall-mounted air conditioners, vents and check the space around the pipes that connect your home to the exterior. If you feel a draft, there is a leak. Once the inspection is complete and all air leaks have been identified, it is time to seal them with an adhesive product suitable for the type of construction.

Choosing the right adhesive to build an energy-efficient home

A variety of adhesive products are available. Each has its own particular properties and resistance. So be sure to choose the right one for the job you want to perform. Adhesive products are sold in disposable tubes, often from 300-600 ml. For larger construction projects, sealants are also sold in barrels or by the boiler. To seal minimal air leaks, such as doors and windows, a half tube will probably do the trick. Moreover, adhesive products are available in several colors to perfectly match your decor. So choose the one that suits you. To use the tubes, simply insert them into a caulking gun. This will get you ready to start work.

Applying adhesive products: an efficient process to improve energy consumption

Applying an adhesive product to improve your home’s energy efficiency is a simple but delicate process. For maximum adhesion, it is recommended to clean all surfaces to be sealed. Use a brush or solvent to prepare the surface and be sure to dry the target area properly to avoid trapping moisture. Keep the gun at a steady angle and apply the adhesive to all defective seals. Try to caulk the area without stopping. Don’t skimp on the amount of adhesive you use. If the sealant shrinks, reapply to completely seal the crack.

Adfast: choose an adhesive that improves your building’s energy efficiency

Adhesive products are an excellent way to improve your building’s energy efficiency. They are a simple and effective way to reduce unwanted air leakage between your home’s exterior and interior.

Adfast offers a complete range of adhesives, foams, membranes and sealants recognized and used by the construction industry. To find out which product is right for your project, contact us.