Eagle III IoT – The Intelligent and Connected Grommeting machine

Whether you install grommets and washers manually or automatically, prefer a simple grommeting machine or one with built-in Artificial Intelligence, we design & manufacture everything you need.

Need more?

  • A laser pointer ;
  • spacing gauge ;
  • connection to another machine in your production line ;
  •  the ability to set a different size of grommet & washer in manual mode?

No problem. We have that too.

Adfast grommeting also manufactures a complete line of grommets and washers in a variety of finishes, thicknesses, and specs. We source our metal directly from mills and thereby are in a unique position to offer everything our clients need at the best prices.

Don’t go searching for information anymore, let it come to you

Programmable notifications: Easily set alerts on your Eagle III IoT grommeting machine to be sent text message or email to members within your team, should you wish to be advised on :

  • production status ;
  • predictive & corrective maintenance ;
  • low production efficiency ;
  • replenishment order suggestions.

Monitor it all on your online dashboard.