Anti-mold acetoxy silicone adhesive sealants are perfect for construction projects

Sealants are the perfect product for making sealing joints. However, a wide variety of them are available on the market. This can make it difficult to know what type of sealant to use for maximum performance.

Nevertheless, some products have properties that make them essential for many applications. Among these, anti-mold acetoxy silicone adhesive sealants are perfectly suited for many construction projects. Find out why.

Acetoxy silicone sealants prevent mold growth

In some rooms, such as the kitchen and bathroom, mold prevention is an important issue. Since mold can cause health problems, preventing it from growing and spreading is crucial. However, this can be difficult in areas that are often wet or damp.

Acetoxy silicone seals will not become moldy even in the shower, around sinks and between counters and backsplashes, since this type of sealant contains a fungicide that helps reduce mold growth.

This type of sealant easily adheres to many materials

Many different materials are used in a construction project: wood, glass, ceramics, aluminium, plastics, etc. Many of these materials offer very little adhesion with traditional sealants.

Fortunately, some types of sealants, such as acetoxy silicone sealants, provide excellent adhesion to a wide variety of materials. For instance, they adhere to glass, which makes them ideal for making joints on a glass partition.

Acetoxy silicone sealants can be used indoors and outdoors

The long-term performance of an adhesive sealant is closely tied to its ability to maintain volume and flexibility. In the case of indoor use, since silicone seals are not exposed to weather conditions, their life expectancy is generally longer. However, outdoors, the joints must be able to withstand changes in temperature and humidity, as well as UV rays.

Acetoxy silicone sealants are specially designed to maintain their properties even when exposed to UV rays over a long period of time, making them excellent sealing products for outdoor use.

These sealants are available in a wide range of colors

There is always an aesthetic aspect to a construction project. Color choice is important for a well-balanced decor. Since silicone sealants cannot be painted, it is important to note that they are nonetheless available in a variety of colors.

If you are very detail-oriented, you can even create anti-mold acetoxy silicone sealants in the color of your choice on request.

You can trust Adfast anti-mold acetoxy silicone sealants

There is no doubt that anti-mold acetoxy silicone sealants are versatile products. They are effective both indoors and outdoors, are highly mold resistant and maintain their properties for a long period of time.

Adseal Kitchen and Bathroom 4800 is an excellent waterproofing product that has all these qualities. Developed by Adfast, it is the natural choice for your renovation or construction projects.

Please contact the Adfast team to learn more about this sealant.