COVID-19: Redirecting your company’s mission to contribute to a societal effort

At present, COVID-19 continues to spread around the world, leaving a trail of damage that is still hard to quantify. At this time in Canada, healthcare networks are stepping up their efforts to treat people with the disease while ensuring the safety of their workers.

For their part, provincial and regional governments have implemented restrictive measures to encourage their residents to isolate themselves as a means of slowing the spread and avoiding overcrowding in clinics and hospitals. However, the private sector is also involved, and many businesses are also working to collaborate in their own way to support the healthcare system.

In this article, find out what Canadian businesses and organizations can do to support this societal effort.

Prepare for the potential lack of essential health supplies

In countries where the coronavirus has hit particularly hard, such as China and Italy, supplies of hydroalcoholic gel and surgical masks in healthcare institutions have been depleted extremely quickly due to a very high demand, which could not be anticipated.

Canada is not yet experiencing shortages of these essential goods, but supplies are rapidly diminishing in hospitals and the healthcare system in general. CTV has even learned that the Centres intégrés de santé et de services sociaux (CISSS) in Quebec are directly contacting distilleries and other companies capable of producing alcohol to start making hand sanitizer, fearing that their institutions will run out of it while the fight against COVID-19 is in full swing.

Government and Canadian business efforts to address the issue

For its part, the federal government has issued a call for assistance to businesses across Canada to produce the medical items that may soon be in short supply in this country. Ottawa is offering them the means to modify their facilities to accommodate the production of these products, such as surgical masks, disinfectants, screening tests and disease tracking technologies.  The Canadian government’s plan also aims to accelerate research and development projects that could help in the fight against coronavirus.

Some organizations have already responded to this call from the federal government and are in the process of modifying their production lines to support the health system in their own way. Companies that already specialize in the production of protective equipment or medical diagnostic tools have also reached an agreement with the government to increase the pace of production of these essential products.

Adfast’s contribution to support this societal effort

At Adfast, we specialize in the production of sealants and sealing products. However, the current crisis situation, which affects us all, has prompted us to change our mission to meet the high demand for hydroalcoholic gel.

By adapting our current equipment and recycling old facilities, we will be able to produce 16,000 Litres of our ADCLEAN disinfectant. This sprayable antibacterial hand sanitizer forms a film that provides a few hours of protection against viruses and bacteria. If some amongst you are interested in doing the same and modifying your production line, everything will be openly accessible, the drawings, plans, chemistry, everything! Moreover, our R&D, automation and technical support team will be available to help you in the process.

The goal of this non-profit initiative is simple: to do our part to help end this pandemic.