Can Adfast sealants be painted?

Sealants are used for many outdoor and indoor applications. However, after construction or renovation work, caulk joints can be attention-grabbing for all the wrong reasons, especially when their color doesn’t blend well with the decor. This is why you might be tempted to paint the sealant after it has been applied.

However, before you start, we need to answer the question at hand: can Adfast sealants be painted?

Silicone sealants cannot be painted

Silicone sealants are undoubtedly among the most effective and durable sealants on the market. However, they have one particular disadvantage: they cannot be painted. In fact, it is almost impossible to adhere the paint to this type of sealant.

Silicone sealants available in more than 100 colors

Most people like to have their joints seamlessly blend into their decor. Adfast has taken the initiative to ensure that its silicone sealants can be used in any setting. Our company has the equipment required to produce sealants in a variety of colors. Today, many products in the Adseal range are available in over 100 different shades.

 Adfast can even produce custom colors

Since some construction projects can have offbeat colors, finding a matching color sealant can be difficult, even when more than 100 colors are available. Adseal therefore offers its customers the option of developing and producing small batch silicone sealants in the color of their choice. Adfast has production equipment at its disposal to provide this in a very short amount of time.

Adseal Paintable Sealants

If a homeowner knows that they will certainly have to paint their waterproofing joints in the near future (for example, when wooden siding is installed and will be repainted in a few years), they will need to find an alternative to silicone sealants. Adfast is committed to offering a solution for every problem related to sealing products and has therefore created its Adseal range of hybrid sealants.

Paintable and more eco-friendly sealants

This product range has been developed to substitute polyurethanes with the aim of producing a paintable product that reduces the environmental footprint and is less toxic to the health of users. Adseal Paintable Sealants do not contain any toxic solvents, isocyanates or phthalates.

These are safe to use with most water-based paints and some solvent-based paints. However, you should keep in mind that the paint can crack on the sealant, since it is not as flexible and won’t move in conjunction with the sealant. Instead, Adfast recommends that caulk joints be reapplied if necessary.

No matter what color sealant you are looking for, Adfast has what you need!

In conclusion, although silicone sealants can’t be painted, Adfast offers various solutions and alternatives to its customers so that their waterproofing joints can be seamlessly integrated into their project.

If you are looking for a colored or paintable sealant yourself, have a look at the Adseal range of products offered by Adfast.

If you have any questions about Adfast products, don’t hesitate to contact our team!