Are cyanoacrylate accelerators useful for your woodworking projects?

Various types of glues are regularly used in the woodworking sector, especially when a project reaches the assembly stage. Among these types of adhesives, cyanoacrylates are particularly effective in making sturdy assemblies in a short period of time.

However, despite the very rapid setting of these adhesives, it can sometimes be worth using a cyanoacrylate accelerator to make it even faster. Find out why.

How does a solvent-based cyanoacrylate accelerator work?

As its name implies, a cyanoacrylate accelerator speeds up the polymerization of this type of adhesive when applied to the opposite surface of the adhesive using a brush, syringe or spray.

This product is generally solvent-based, since solvents are ideal for transporting its active ingredients. This is because solvents evaporate quickly and leave little residue on the materials.

Why would you want to accelerate the setting of an adhesive?

In the woodworking sector, there are various reasons to speed up the setting of a cyanoacrylate adhesive.

Faster setting reduces the risk of the glue not curing properly

During the gluing process, while the adhesive is still viscous, the two glued elements can be displaced and misaligned. This can create non-compliant parts.

In addition, porous materials such as wood may require an accelerator for cyanoacrylate to adhere properly. The accelerator starts curing before the adhesive seeps into the pores of the substrates.

Accelerated setting can increase assembly line production speed

Accelerators can be used in applications that require rapid curing of adhesives, as is often the case on an assembly line. A cyanoacrylate accelerator facilitates serial assembly operations where the bonding speed is critical for the implementation of the next production process.

Accelerators can also be used to normalize a manufacturing process when there are variations in temperature and humidity, since these influence the rate at which the glue cures.

Finally, using a cyanoacrylate accelerator also reduces the total amount of adhesive required for thinner and more efficient bonding. This results in cleaner woodworking and more durable parts.

The Adbond line of adhesives: Accelerate your woodworking projects!

In short, some woodworking projects require an adhesive that can solidify very quickly to achieve a precise, aesthetic and sturdy result in a short period of time.

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