AIA Chicago 2019-Making Sense of Sealants – Adfast

We would love for you to visit us at AIA Chicago on October 16th, 2019!
Adfast will present it’s comprehensive training: “Making sense of sealants”

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Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe different sealant families as well as which to use in different applications;
  2. Analyze if a curtain wall project requires a structural or a non-structural silicone sealant;
  3. Describe why UV light deteriorates some sealants but not others;
  4. Implement procedures for proper surface preparation before sealing joints;

Credits Earned:
1 AIA HSW / LU Credit Hour + 1 USGBC Credit Hour
AIA Course: #ADFAST-001
USGBC Course: #920010342

If you can’t attend AIA Chicago on October 16th 2019 but want to learn more about our products, we offer the option to schedule a free Lunch & Learn in the comfort of your office. Training credits available!

Each information session is eligible for the 1 AIA/LU credit.  If necessary, the meeting can be carried out on Adfast premises.