Adnews Monthly-November 2020

The MCC team is back with November’s edition of Adnews Monthly!

Megaphone on Microsoft Windows 10 May 2019 Update News #1 : New employees

Adfast is growing! This month we’ve welcomed 5 new team members !

  • Jessika Fortin
    Customer Service Representative Quebec Admobile
  • Nassim Lounis
    Packaging Operator
  • Sabrina Boisvert
    Marketing Coordinator
  • Myriam Durocher
    Junior Buyer
  • Brittney Lewis
    Customer Service Representative Elkhart Admobile


News #2: Important Nominations at Adfast

Co-President​​​​​​ Nomination:
We are pleased to announce the appointment of Cindy Dandurand and Nicolas Choquet as Co-Presidents of Adfast. Adfast has begun an Amazonian transformation of its business model to better serve North American construction professionals. Cindy and Nicolas are champions of this culture and for this reason, they will be our new leaders.

Vice-President​​​​​​ Nomination:
It is with great pleasure that we announce 3 important appointments:

Julie Champagne, Vice-President of Customer Centers
Martine Gauthier, Vice-President of Logistics
Marie-Odile Touchette, Vice-President of Production – Silicone & Polyurethane

They now join the Adfast management team and will have an essential role in the development of the company’s strategy.

MCC Director​​​​​​ Nomination: ​​​​
It is with great pleasure that we announce the appointment of Audrée Bergevin to the position of MCC Director. We’ve had the pleasure of seeing Audrée evolve at Adfast over the last 4 years. First in Customer Service during summer as well as part time throughout her university studies. Congratulations!

Admobile Nomination:
We are pleased to announce the appointment of Émilie Dumas-Blouin to the position of Sales Representative for our first Admobile in Montreal. Her mission will be to serve customers, offer technical assistance on construction sites, create business relationships and recommend complementary products. Congratulations!

News #3 : Admobile Delivery Service

We are beginning same day delivery service with our new Mercedes ADMOBILE Sprinters vans!

This service will be offered within a 100 km radius of our warehouses. Combined with our new e-commerce platform and pick-up service directly at our 9 Adfast stores, customers will be well served!

We already have 3 Admobiles and a 4th is be installed next week so that we can get our trucks on the move before the holidays ! We will begin by visiting construction sites and familiarizing contractors with our service.

News #4 : Adfast Grommeting new Website
Adfast Grommeting launched its new Website. The new sleek & sophisticated design allows customers to learn more about Eagle machines, hand & hole punches, grommets and washers in a user-friendly interface design.


Love Letter on Apple iOS 13.3  News #5 : New FAQ section on our website

We now have a FAQ (frequently asked questions) section on our website that answers any & all questions our customers may have.
Jean-Pierre adds questions and answers weekly to provide the best & latest technical information for our customers and employees.

Go take a look! Winking Face on Apple iOS 14.2

News #6 : Giant color chart and Roll up in our Adfast Customer Centers

The 4580/4600 giant color chart was updated and now includes not only the colors in stock, but also our new metallic colors. We also equipped our different Adfast stores with giant Adseal tubes and roll-ups. Here are a few pictures from our Adfast stores:






News #7 : Color matching tool

The color matching tool on was improved ! It is now connected to our MES (Ignition). When a new color match is developed in our laboratories between a customer siding/paint and a new Adfast sealant color is created, the combination is automatically added to our online tool. We no longer need to manually add each new match or fear that a new color was forgotten, as everything is done automatically in real time due to the tool’s connection to our MES (Ignition).
Check it out !

News #8 : Adfast location of the month… WinnipegRound Pushpin on Apple iOS 13.3​​​​​​

We are proud to announce the official re-opening of our Adfast Winnipeg office. We are open on Monday to Friday on 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
We’d like to extend a warm welcome to our new team members Alfredo Santa and Francis Du who will take great care of our customers !