Adnews Monthly-January 2021

The MCC team is back with January’s edition of Adnews Monthly!

Megaphone on Microsoft Windows 10 May 2019 Update News#1: New Adfast team members

The Adfast family is growing! 5 new people have joined the team in the last few weeks!


  • Caroline Cyr
    Customer Service Agent
  • Frangelus Nzati
    Adclean Production Team Manager
  • Pedro Makengo 
    Silicone Packaging Operator
  • Aymen Boudabbous
    Machiniste Adfast Grommeting
  • Maher Omri
    Ajuster-Assembler Adfast Grommeting



Vice-President of laziness







Directors of Meowing








Congratulations and welcome to the team!

Rolled-Up Newspaper on Apple iOS 13.3 News #2: New product, Adseal Wet Wipes! 

Adfast is launching a new line of Adseal Wet Wipes in 2021.
These cleaning wipes remove uncured adhesive on tools & surfaces. They are sold in containers of 90 wipes (second product below), have a light fruity scent, are allergen-free, and will be available in 8 to 12 weeks.

News #3: Adfast is now a proud AEMQ member

Adfast is proud to join the AEMQ (Quebec Association of Masonry Contractors). The members of the AEMQ constitute a strong, autonomous and independent group that advocates on behalf of its members.
This collaboration will increase our visibility among our Quebec customers!

We hope to join many such associations in other Canadian provinces and US states in 2021 to increase our partnerships, visibility, and recognition outside of Quebec.

Desktop Computer on Apple iOS 13.3 News #4:  Adfast Technical Webinars given to Architects

Our Pardot email webinar invitations allow us to reach many architects and construction professionals. In December, a total of 132 architects attended our webinars. This visibility and expert testimony often result in our products being added to architectural master specs, and thereby in the use of Adfast products in multiple North American construction projects.

Congratulations to our sales team!

Magnifying Glass Tilted Right on Apple iOS 14.2 News #5: Adfast in the Media

America training solutions (ATS) 
Adfast is featured in an ATS Seminar article. ATS is an important association that offers LEED continuing-education seminars to architects and that helps us extend the reach of our technical webinars to large amounts of North-American professionals. The article we are featured in discusses how we transformed our production facilities fto manufacture Adclean hand sanitizer and Adshield safety visors to help fight COVID-19.

The article was published in the ATS newsletter as well as on their website, which are accessible to over 100,000 North American architects.

Sectorial Association Manufacturers of Transport Equipment and Machines (ASFETM)
A few pages are dedicated to Adfast in ASFETM magazine. The article focuses on the actions deployed by our Health and Safety Committee to maintain a safe work environment. We even appear on the cover page!

We’d like to thank our health & safety team for their wonderful work!

Minibus on Apple iOS 14.2 News #6:  Admobile stores on wheels 

We were pleased to serve our first customers with our new Admobile sprinter vans right before the holidays !

Interior shelving is now installed inside our Montreal and Quebec city Admobiles.

Exterior artwork is also complete!

New Button on Apple iOS 14.2 News #7: Adfast Montreal renovations 

Adclean factory facelift

Investment of $498,000 in our co-development laboratories
Our new polymer laboratory

New product development laboratory

Robots will be used to apply sealants and adhesives in order to test new products in customer applications. Customers will be invited to test products with our Sales and R&D teams.

Artist Palette on Apple iOS 14.2 News #8: Evolution of the color matching program

We are proud to offer our clients customized products that meet their specific needs.
In 2020, the number of sealant colors developed in our laboratories has increased considerably. 

Great work color team ! Clapping Hands on Apple iOS 14.2


In this short video, watch how our products are custom developed and manufactured for our customers.

Construction on Apple iOS 14.2 News #9: New construction project

​​​​Our Adseal 4600 silicone sealant will be tested in the glass ramps of Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto in collaboration with ELY’s Glass. Sadly, some of these ramps fell 15 feet last month with a competitor’s product. The Adseal 4600 will be tested after the mechanical attachment of the railings. We will inform you of the results as soon as possible.

Artist Palette on Apple iOS 14.2News #10: Evolution of our sealant color charts

Clapper Board on Samsung One UI 1.5 News #11: New Adfast videos

Adfoam Flex 1865 advantages