Adnews Monthly April 2021

The MCC team is back with the April edition of Adnews Monthly!

Megaphone on Microsoft Windows 10 May 2019 Update  News #1 : New employees

We’re growing! This month we’ve welcomed 8 new team members 

Congratulations and welcome to the team!

  News #2 : Newborn

On May 3rd, Mohammed Ben Larbi, Director of Data Science for Adfast grommeting, and his wife welcomed their first baby. The Adfast family would like to congratulate the new parents and extend our best wishes to all three.

 News #3 : APCHQ Montreal Metropolitain

Adfast was the featured exhibitor in the 4th edition of The Meeting of Experts, organized by the APCHQ. This association is the most important of entrepreneurs in Canada. It shares videos, articles, meetings and conferences in order to promote prosperity within Quebec’s housing market.

Click here to see the website !

Rolled-Up Newspaper on Apple iOS 13.3 News #4 : Adfast in the media

Backhand Index Pointing Right on Apple iOS 14.5  The Montréal Journal published an article on March 17th highlighting the continued growth of Adfast during the pandemic situation.

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Backhand Index Pointing Right on Apple iOS 14.5  A second article appeared in the Trois-Rivières newspaper, “Le Nouvelliste”, highlighting the journey of our CEO, Yves Dandurand, as a former professional hockey player.

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  News #5 : AQMAT Magazine

​​​​​Thanks to Denis Perron, Yves Dandurand, Nicolas Choquet and Ghislaine Hankare who secretly organized this beautiful montage with AQMAT IMPACT. AQMAT is a business community including dealers, distributors and manufacturers of hardware and building materials. The magazine published this spring featured women in the construction industry.
We are honored to be part of such an amazing company as Adfast.​​​​​!

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Minibus on Apple iOS 14.2 News #6 : Automated text messages for our Admobiles

​​​​​Customers who buy through our Admobiles now receive automated text messages. They are notified when the Admobile is on its way as well as when it has arrived so that customers can meet our technical sales rep on site! Our customers can also respond by text message throughout the day if they want to add products to their existing order.

Mobile Phone on Apple iOS 14.5News #7 : Social media

We’ve already reached 147 likes on our new TikTok page. We also have over 200 views on all of our videos, including one that reached 705 views Thanks to everyone who helped create the videos. Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes on Apple iOS 14.5

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Adfast is now advertising through a Facebook platform called “lead generation”. A defined audience within the construction market was targeted in the different cities we operate in. This target audience sees Adfast advertisements in their feed and can request a free color chart. In total, 26 qualified leads were generated in the month of April. All that remains is for the representatives to follow up with them to convert them into paying customers!

Hammer on Apple iOS 14.5  News #8 : Montreal customer service renovation

Here is an overview of our new Adstore in Montreal. We have a much larger and more welcoming space for customers!



Hundred Points on Apple iOS 14.5  News #9 : Purchasing Department

The pandemic has created raw material shortages for several of our suppliers. Every day, the purchasing department faces this problem and works very hard to secure the raw materials necessary to supply the increase in our sales and thus avoid interruptions to our production lines. We want to highlight the hard work executed by the purchasing department. From the whole Adfast team: Thank you and keep up the good work!

 News #10 : New association

We are now members of the SWA – Sealant and Waterproofing Association. The organization is part of the TCA – Toronto Construction Association, and will allow us to network with construction professionals. Adfast will be included in their directory, thereby increasing our company and brand recognition. We will be able to join the events organized by both associations. A very special thank you to Yargi, Jim and Nic for this accomplishment!

Recycling Symbol on Apple iOS 14.5 News #11 : Ecologo certification

Adfast is now LEED Ecologo certified for 5 of our products. Ecologo products, services and packaging are certified for their reduced environmental impact. This certification also indicates that our products have undergone rigorous scientific tests to comply with environmental performance standards.

Visit their website to see our certified products.

Desktop Computer on Apple iOS 13.3  News #12 : Adfast Technical webinars for Architects

In April, 134 architectural firms attended our Adfast technical webinars. Our expert testimony often results in the addition of our products on architectural master specifications and, as a result, the use of Adfast products in many North American construction projects.