Which sealants are best suited for structural applications?

The construction industry is one of the sectors of activity that uses adhesive sealants most frequently. Indeed, both on large-scale construction sites and in the production process of building materials, the properties of sealants are leveraged, especially in structural applications.

However, in order to provide superior performance for these applications, an adhesive sealant must have certain specific characteristics.

Discover which sealants are perfectly suited for structural applications.

Sealants that adhere well to different materials

To be effective in structural applications, a sealant must be able to adhere to a variety of materials that are commonly used in the manufacture of structural curtain walls or architectural panels. For maximum efficiency, a sealant that will adhere to anodized aluminum and glass should be the first choice. It is even more practical if the sealant can adhere to these surfaces without even having to apply a primer.

In addition, the adhesion strength of the sealant should be strong enough to ensure the sturdiness of the structural elements despite constraints in the form of permanent loads and those that occur on windy days.

Quick-setting sealants

When installing curtain walls or structural panels, a sealant that sets quickly is an advantage. This feature allows large construction projects to be completed in less time and with less effort.

When the adhesive sealant is used to assemble prefabricated panels in the factory, rapid setting can help speed up the production rate.

Sealants with superior UV resistance

In order to be fully effective for years to come, the perimeter joints of sealed units should retain their flexibility over a long period of time. However, for some sealants on the market, prolonged exposure to UV radiation will reduce their flexibility and volume.

Silicone based adhesive sealants have outstanding resistance to UV rays. These are therefore suitable for various structural applications since perimeter joints made on curtain walls can be exposed to weather and ultraviolet radiation.

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In conclusion, a sealant should have the different characteristics mentioned above in order to be perfectly suited for structural applications.

Adfast has many products that meet these criteria on offer, including the Adseal structural 4940 series. This neutral silicone adhesive sealant is ideal for the manufacture of two- and four-sided curtain walls and architectural panels. Contact Adfast to learn more about our sealant.