Adfast offers online webinar conferences

Schedule a free “Making Sense of Sealants’’ webinar presentation with one of our technical experts. Participants will learn about different sealant families, how to choose the correct product for each application, as well as sealing and insulating sustainable building envelopes.

Our technical experts will gladly review your sealant master drawings and determine which products are a good fit for your current and upcoming projects.

Below are the main topics raised during our presentation :

• Sealants family​
• Benefits of using silicones vs polyurethanes and thermoplastics​
• ASTM specification​
• Structural application​
• Non-structural application​
• Web site tool : colors and calculator​
• Importance of sealant backing and tooling​
• Application procedure for sealants movement and waterproofing joints​
• Tests on site​
• Methodology of adhesion test​
• Joint design​
• Different joint design​
• Compatibility of silicones with different materials​
• Specification section 07 92 00​
• Insulating doors and windows

LU credit(s) earned on completion of this course will be reported to AIA CES for AIA members. Certificates of completion for both AIA members and non-AIA members are available upon request.

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