Neutral silicone adhesive sealants are perfect for waterproofing agricultural silos

Agricultural silos have been an integral part of the countryside for decades. These impressive architectural structures are mainly used to store grain in optimal conditions so that it can be used months after harvesting.

A silo has to be watertight to be completely effective. Water or insect intrusions can potentially ruin an entire crop. For this reason, farmers are vigilant about keeping their agricultural silos well-sealed and waterproof.

In order to achieve this, many prefer to use a neutral silicone adhesive sealant. Find out why.

What is a neutral silicone adhesive sealant?

A neutral silicone adhesive sealant is a sealant that releases alcohol or another non-acidic substance when cured, as opposed to acetoxy silicones that release acetic acid when cured. The latter therefore sometimes emit a vinegar-like odour, whereas so-called “neutral” products are practically odourless.

Since acetoxy silicones release acetic acid when curing, they can cause problems when used on certain materials. For example, they can cause corrosion when used on metals. Therefore, since silos are generally constructed of steel or concrete, it is best to use a neutral silicone sealant that will not react with metal surfaces.

The advantages of neutral silicone

Farmers use waterproofing products such as sealants to seal any gaps and ensure that their silos effectively protect their crops from insects and moisture. However, these sealants must have specific properties.

Maximum adhesion to the materials used to build the silos

Not all adhesive sealants provide enough adhesion to steel or concrete. However, silicone adhesive sealants can adhere to a wide variety of materials, including those that make up the majority of agricultural silos.

Greater resistance to UV rays

This type of sealant also has excellent UV resistance, which is an essential feature for outdoor use. Without this property, the sealant can lose its flexibility and volume, rendering the seals ineffective.

Unique waterproofing properties

Naturally, the most important aspect when it comes to sealing products for the agricultural sector is waterproofing. In this respect, neutral silicone adhesive sealants are particularly effective. They cannot be penetrated by water and moisture in any weather conditions.

You can count on Adfast silicone sealants for the waterproofing of an agricultural silo

In conclusion, neutral silicone adhesive sealants have all the essential properties required to seal agricultural silos.

If you are looking for this type of sealant, you can depend on Adfast products, specifically the Adseal DWS 4580 Series Neutral Silicone Sealant, which is the ideal choice for sealing agricultural equipment, buildings and machinery.

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