The best RV sealants

Are you looking for the best sealants to use on trailers and other types of recreational vehicles? You’ve come to the right place!

In this article, our sealing experts present the best sealant for each type of joint on a trailer or RV.

The importance of seal inspection and maintenance on an RV

Before getting into the sealants that are best suited for use on an RV, let’s take a look at the benefits of having a properly sealed vehicle. This will help you understand why it’s important to inspect the seals on your RV regularly and repair any damaged joints as quickly as possible.

Protection against water damage

Joints made with the right sealant create a watertight seal that prevents water from seeping into any cracks or gaps in your RV. Water infiltration can cause a lot of damage that is often expensive to repair and may make some of the vehicle’s components deteriorate more quickly.

Caulking around plumbing fixtures also prevents water from damaging the floors, walls and cabinets of trailers, caravans and other RVs.

Energy efficiency

When hot or cold air produced by heating or air conditioning escapes through poorly sealed gaps, your gas or electricity consumption automatically increases. Effective seals can prevent air exchange between the inside and outside, reducing your energy consumption.

Protection against the elements and insects

On an RV, effective seals will also protect you from wind and the dust it carries.

And if you’re not a fan of bugs, sealing your RV will help you keep them at bay.

Best sealant for the roof of an RV

Joints on the roof of an RV are constantly subjected to temperature changes, dust, rain and UV rays. That means you’ll need a product that’s made for outdoor use.

Since RVs are designed to be in motion, the roof joints may expand and contract on the road and even while parked. Therefore, you’ll need a sealant that is as flexible as possible to prevent tearing.

Finally, for easy application, it’s best to opt for a self-leveling sealant so that you can skip the shaping step. The sealant you choose should also be able to adhere securely to the materials your RV is made of.

With that in mind, the best sealant for the roof of an RV is the Adseal 4550SL neutral cure self-leveling silicone sealant, which is designed specifically for use on vehicles. Note that this sealant cannot be painted.

If you want to paint your sealant, another effective option is the Adthane 1800 series polyurethane adhesive sealant. This paintable elastomer adhesive sealant forms a highly elastic, tear-resistant and weather-resistant seal.

Best sealant for RV windows

RV doors and windows aren’t so different from those in buildings. They need a sealant that provides excellent resistance to the elements, meaning that it won’t lose any flexibility or volume due to temperature fluctuations or moisture.

Sealants for RV windows must also adhere well to materials like glass, metal, fiberglass and painted surfaces.

We believe that the best sealant for RV windows and doors is the Adseal DWS 4580 series neutral cure silicone adhesive sealant. Its physical characteristics make it very durable and reliable for this type of use.

Best sealant for an RV bathroom

Unlike the joints on the roof of an RV, seals around the shower, sinks and other bathroom fixtures aren’t constantly subjected to harsh weather conditions. However, these joints must be resistant to mould and mildew.

That’s why we believe that the Adseal KB 4800 series mildew-resistant acetoxy silicone adhesive sealant is the best sealant for bathroom fixtures in an RV. In addition to its excellent anti-mould properties, it is available in a wide variety of colours. Find the one that best suits your RV with our sealant colour selection tool.

Adfast has a wide variety of products suited for RV use

No matter what type of sealing you need done on your RV, there’s an Adfast product that will perform well and be easy to apply.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs with a sealing expert.

Have fun camping!